• This website is inspired by and dedicated to the firefighters of the Los Angeles County Fire Dept., "Past, Present and In Memoriam"
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Anything Goes! (...almost)

[SmokeShowing] is a Moderated & Restricted list for Active and Retired firemen (firewomen, too) who work/worked for L.A. County Fire Department. It is a list where the issues may be discussed openly and frankly - with some reasonable standards of propriety being observed.

For the most part, it is an "anything goes" list as long as the posts are signed by their authors. It was started by retired Captain, Steve, "Firebat" Johnson, on December 16, 1998.

Persons who are not employees, or former employees of the County of Los Angeles Fire Department, may participate with the approval of the List Owners / Administrators/Moderators, but must submit a request to join the list through the SmokeShowing maillist.

Those with legitimate internal or external issues affecting the current and former employees of the Department are highly encouraged to participate.

These lists can be your contact to most of the retirees. We aim to provide an open window, and communication into the retiree world.

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