It has been restored and is now being used around Escondito, Ca, for parades, and Fire Service day, sometimes used as a Shuttle Bus, so lots of folks still get to see, and ride in it.

I remember it as a recruit (Class #5) at our Training Center where it was housed. We always hoped that we would be loaded up and attend a greater alarm fire. We did not get to do that.

I have ridden in it to Del Valle oil firefighting school. I still count as one of my dear friends, John Maletta, who became nationally known as "Mr. Hazmat." I remember it as not a comfortable ride. I enjoyed the oil firefighting though.

 One of my earliest memories of being at the Training Center is pictured here.




 The fire engine pictured below is old E-110. A Crown Triple Combination. It is now privately owned, and labeled "Valley Center Fire Department." It too can be seen around Escondito, for parades, and so forth. Beautiful preservation on both rigs. Thanks to Ron Rayhawk for the pictures.

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